Foroa ( talk ) 19:27, 9 December 2010 (UTC) Can you please point me to a policy, guideline, or some other page on why en dashes shouldn't be used on commons?
I suggest to create for example a Bilhi gallery that can possibly redirect to the related category.Anoia is not a Comarque, but a Comarca.Foroa ( talk ) 16:50, (UTC) Hello Foroa.For example, you are deleted the category Category:Rail vehicle components even thought it was linked from two other categories.What means cy in "tied up vrouwen kennen het dorp on cy most of the time"?The problem is we don't always disambiguate with genus.Is "The Royal Danish Ballet" sex datum vandaag a people or a dance society?Foroa ( talk ) 21:11, (UTC) I spend my time doing this in French but common names are not exactly including the same specices from one langage to another.
Merci pour votre cooperation.
Rocket000 ( talk ) 06:39, (UTC) I have little time for now, but a number of remarks: Category:Categories of Italy and now Category:Categories of Belgium contain a subset of Category:Categories by xxx, but pertaining to the country: this helps to manage a uniform category naming.
Een ander punt is dat volgens mij een categorie niet overeenkomt met een artikel, dat is de reden waarom ik template:On Wikipedia gebruikte in plaats van interwiki's.The future is unwritten. .It was enough to make me abandon most disambiguation-related category moves entirely.As a courtesy to me, and other image uploaders like myself, for whom your replacement of category names with new categories names imposes great difficulty, I request you consider creating category redirections.For starters, the relevant uploaders are those who upload in the field of orders, decorations, and medals, not Commons more broadly.It only makes sense to include the word "category" because that is exactly what you're talking about.This type of conflict happens often with so called (artistic or technical) image processing or cropping, resizing, perspective zoek vrouw uit mannheim correction.Can you confirm this new feature to me?Many people cannot bear the idea of mixing the art of cuisine with commerce.